Earth Day Carnival 2018

One of a kind initiative taken by the students of THAPAR INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY. At school level, rarely it happens that students have much awareness regarding the importance of the resources. This event aims to inculcate awareness regarding earth day and highlight efforts to "green" the school facility engaging the whole school community in making a difference.

Ecovation (Stratagem 2018)

A need to instill sustainable goals lies in the creative craft of maintaining our vision of advancement in hand with environment welfare. With this aim in mind, this event tries to exploit the ability to manage environment-friendly products, cost profitably lending a new wave of the word, ‘eco’, aiming at eco-friendly world by strategizing eco-nomics.

Tree Plantation Drive

As a constant measure to increase the green cover in Patiala, PWS carries out tree plantation drives all along the year. Today whatever air we are breathing is a result of the trees planted by our ancestors. So, it’s imperative that we do the same for our future generations. Moreover, there’s an enormous peace in planting trees because whenever you look back it, you can sense the gratitude and fruits of nature being bestowed on you.

Green Mission: Our dream project with Indian Army (Phase 1 to Phase 16)

Some of our previous Tree Plantation Drives

Spot Fixing of Bus Stops in Patiala

In order to make our city clan and beautiful, our society along with Dainik Bhaskar Newspaper, Avinash Gaget and his team has conducted a massive Bus Stop Cleaning Drive. Under this campaign we have cleaned over 10 bus stops all over Patiala till now.

Solid Waste Management

Under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan for a clean India, PWS conducted an exhibition on the importance of Solid Waste Management. Solid waste management is a term that is used to refer to the process of collecting and treating solid wastes in a safe way. Our idea was to impart knowledge as most of the people are obscure about SWM and its effects to the environment. The exhibition focused on waste handling processes in the West. Conventional methods of recycling of non- biodegradable wastes and composting of organic matter were also discussed.

Solid Waste Management Exibition


City Cleaning Drive

Beant Singh Memorial Chownk

Bus Stop Cleaning Campaign

Graffiti Wall Painting

To create awareness about a ‘Clean and Green India’, PWS conducted a Graffiti wall painting event. First, it gave an opportunity to students to showcase their drawing and painting skills. Second, as we all know seeing is believing, so anyone who crosses the wall notices it thus the message of Swacch Bharat spreads among a wider audience.The event was tremendously successful. Students enjoyed their time to the fullest along with working towards creating an impression on the walls which will inspire people towards working to create a cleaner and greener environment, for a long time.

Birds Nest Installation

Vehicular Pollution Check Camp

To check the towering menace of air pollution, PWS conducted a Vehicular Pollution Check Campaign, in which we tested 275 vehicles with the latest technology as per the pollution rules and regulations listed down by the Government of India. The event was a huge success and it also made people aware about getting their vehicles checked for pollution.

Environment Day Celebration

Tree Painting at Thapar Institute 0f Engineering & Technology Campus